We support a community of more than 1,500 people, through free and low cost healthcare services.


Our Mission

At Grace Family Health Centre we recognize the dignity and worth of every person and are dedicated to providing equal access to compassionate and affordable healthcare services.

Join Us and Help Save Lives

FOR JUST $200 PER YEAR, YOU CAN  provide families with affordable Healthcare Services and women with a safe birthing environment. Together we can

  • Reduce child, infant and child mortality rates
  • Prevent mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDs
  • Help families take control of their reproductive health
  • Decrease infection rates of immunization preventable diseases
  • Improve access to low-cost, quality assured medications


The lifetime maternal mortality risk in Uganda is 1 in 49.  In Canada it is 1 in 5200.   This shocking disparity is largely due to a shortage of healthcare centers and properly trained medical attendants.   Many women die giving birth at home, unassisted and in unhygienic conditions.  Likewise, infant and child mortality rates remain high, with children dying from preventable diseases such as   malaria, perinatal and early neonatal conditions.  HIV education programs have successfully reduced  infections rates but the risk for AIDS is still high, particularly for mother to child transmission.  

At Grace Family Health Centre we view access to affordable health care as a basic human right.  We strive to provide quality care to every person who enters our door. There is a small fee for  maternity and laboratory services  and medications are offered at a low-price. Patients who can not afford fees can apply to work in exchange for free services.  In this way we assure equal access to all people.

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”
— Dalai Lama XIV

Grace Family HEalth centre provides the following Medical services:

  • Free Consultations
  • Free Family Planning & Contraceptives
  • Free HIV Counseling, Testing & Support
  • Free Immunizations & Well Baby Clinics 
  • Free Prenatal Maternity & Postnatal Care
  • Low Cost Laboratory Testing
  • Low Cost, Quality Assured Medications
  • Subsidized Ambulance Services